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There is more than “one way” to train dogs. Temperament differences exist between breeds and within individuals of the same breed. Understanding these differences is vital when determining which training method to use. Some dogs adapt better to one training method, while others may not respond the same. At Dog BehavioristUT, we start by evaluating the dog’s temperament using standard temperament tests and observing the dog at the problem location(s) before deciding on a training course.

Puppy Training

For your new puppy, simple commands like come, sit, stay, lay down, and walk on a leash provide a strong foundation for a well-adjusted dog. We help you understand how to teach these commands and develop a daily program that you can easily follow. A few minutes each day of training your new dog consistently and predictably, in a way they understand, goes a long way towards a long, happy life. Early experiences are critical to forming future responses.

It’s also important to understand that young dogs have a critical period for primary socialization between 3 and 12 weeks. This three-month period will permanently shape the pup’s future personality and how well it responds to social situations in the future. If young dogs are not properly socialized, fear will replace sociability. Early socialization is one of the most critical periods and impacts all future behavior and training.

puppy training

Dog Training / Behavior Modification

Are you struggling with your dog’s behavior?
Whether you adopted your dog, rescued them, or selected a pup from a breeder, each one has unique genetics and experience (before you) that’s important to understand. Age, sex, early experience, individual differences in temperament, and genetic inheritance all play a role. Teasing apart which traits are caused by nature (genetics) or nurture (early experience and upbringing) is the goal.

We can help you!

Our dog-nurturing, dog-friendly approach teaches pet parents the same natural communication methods that dogs understand instinctively – all in an environment most conducive to learning or a safe, familiar environment.

Our efficient, results-oriented training program prioritizes clear communication and compassionate leadership while addressing issues in the locations they occur. Training can be done at your home, on the leash, on the trail off-leash, or at the park. We treat every dog as an individual and get faster, longer-lasting solutions for you and your dog.

Our Services

Whether teaching good habits to your new puppy, introducing obedience training, or resolving behavioral issues, we have decades of experience tackling issues large and small, including:

We work with you to achieve your goals within your dog’s unique needs.

Any Breed. Any Age. Any Issue. If you’re struggling with your dog’s behavior or just looking to build the proper foundation for your dog or puppy, contact us today!