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Should I Get A Rescue Dog?

“Why buy while those in shelters die?” This mantra from rescue organizations has authentic appeal. Like me, if you’re someone with a soft spot for dogs, the idea of dogs isolated in a cage 24-7 tugs on your heartstrings pretty hard. Every year in the US, people surrender 3.3 million

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The Role Of Genetics in Behavior

When parents have their first child, they tend to believe that the child’s behavior, performance in school, and personality have been molded and shaped by their parenting alone. But when they have a second child, they realize that parenting and a shared home environment do not explain all the differences.

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What in the Whorl?

Research done by Lisa Tomkins at the University of Sydney found that, statistically, right-pawed dogs with a counterclockwise whorl on their chest had twice the chance of succeeding in guide dog school compared to left-pawed dogs equipped with a clockwise whorl on their chest. It sounds crazy, but the science

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